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  Extremely Useful Information - Checklist to Reduce Health Care Costs

Get Regular check ups and screenings!

Catching issues before they become large is one of the best ways to save future cash and agony. Make sure you see your doctor, dentist, and eye care practitioner regularly. Women - make sure to visit your gynecologist at least once a year.

Take advantage of freebies at work!

If your workplace provides things like free screenings, flu shots, or money toward gym memberships, take advantage!

Get to know your healthcare plan, and your other plan options!

Don't ever put yourself in a position to wish you had put on a helmet, buckle your seatbelt, or taking an extra five minutes to warm up or to stretch and cool down after working out.

Most plans have out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays for primary physicians, specialists, emergency room visits, and prescriptions.

Make sure you know about notification policies for emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Many plans require pre-approval.

Check your coverage to see if you require pre approval or referrals for things like physical therapy, chiropractic work, and alternative treatments.

Make sure your providers are covered by your plan.

If you have children covered by your plan, make sure you know about the limitations of coverage, including the age at which the child loses eligibility.

Play with your coverage options!

If you don't have coverage for things like dental, vision, and alternative medicine, and you have or anticipate having a significant amount of out-of-pocket expenses for these things, consider looking at coverage options! On the flipside, if you pay a lot out-of-pocket for coverage that you don't use, consider your options for lessening or removing the coverage.

Get to know student coverage rules!

If you have a student in college or graduate school still eligible for your insurance, don't pay for the school's coverage as well! Many people pay thousands of dollars to their children's colleges, not knowing that their student may still be eligible for coverage under the parents' plan.

Make Healthy lifestyle choices!

Regular exercise, healthy food choices, choosing not to smoke or drink, and getting enough sleep are crucial to health. If you choose a health lifestyle, it is likely that you will have fewer visits to the doctor.

Be safe!

Cutting corners with safety can start to really matter when an accident happens. Don't ever put yourself in a position to wish you had put on a helmet, buckled your seatbelt, or taking an extra five minutes to warm up or to stretch and cool down after working out.

Keep a record of your healthcare costs!

Make sure you know how much you are paying each year on co-pays, prescriptions, over the counter medication, eyeglasses, and other out-of-pocket expenses. In most cases, you can claim tax deductions of your medical bills beyond your coverage exceed a certain percentage of your annual gross income. You can research your eligibility yourself, or ask your tax preparer for more details.

Review your bills and charges!

With the good records you keep, you'll be able to know whether you have been over/under charged for services, whether you have been charged twice, or whether you have gotten cheaper service elsewhere.


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