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  • Did you know that you may be eligible for subsidies for all of your retired employees under Medicare Part D? Please, view our informational page to find out if you are eligible, and let us help you reclaim some of your funds lost to retiree healthcare!
  • As a company committed to social responsibility, we run the Rochester area's Early Intervention Program, which provides support to local kids with disabilities.
  • If you represent a hospital or medical billing department, we can help you Discover and Recover Unpaid Insurance Funds.
  • If you represent a state or local government employer, you may be required to report information about your retiree benefits to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). Under statement 45, known as GASB-45, all government bodies have to account for post-employment healthcare and other non-pension benefits. Please, see our GASB informational page about this requirement. If you have to report, we can help you!
  • We offer individually-tailored consulting services for many things not listed above! Please, contact us for further information.


HEG Dental Network Card Program
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