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We can help you create a new dental plan, or take your current plan and make it more efficient and cost-effective.

Our Secret: Good Management:
The costs of dental benefits are greatly reduced by effective plan management, including coordination of benefits. Client groups shift this management responsibility entirely to HEG; all the client needs to provide is an accurate list of eligible employees. Health Economics Group, Inc. knows how to effectively structure a plan and manage cash flow to ensure the lowest possible costs.

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  • Since 1978, no Dental Plan we manage has ever cost more than our actuarial projections.
  • We process more than 8,500 dental claims each month, with greater than 99.9% accuracy.
  • More than 60% of Dental Claims are processed within five business days; more than 90% within 10 days.
  • Coordination of Benefits savings usually offsets 20-40% of our management fee.
  • We pay claims in more than 40 states for more than 75,000 individuals.
  • Our advanced computer system allows us to match any dental plan design, and enables us to recommend cost-effective benefit modifications.

Our Services for Self-Funded plans include:

  • Designing and implementing a dental benefits program based on your needs and your budget
  • Providing plan coverage flexible enough for your employees to go to any licensed dentists they choose
  • Making cost projections with nearly 100% accuracy
  • Helping you explain plan choices to your employees
  • Taking Coordination of Benefits (COB) into account when planning, to take into consideration families being covered by more than one dental plan
  • Helping to write a Summary Plan Description and Plan Document
  • Creating and providing enrollment forms individually tailored to your group's plan design
  • Preparing and furnishing dental claim forms
  • Processing claims, which includes: ascertaining eligibility, computing benefits payable, preparing and mailing explanation of benefits to plan participants, sending benefit checks to providers or participants, and Flex electronic funds transfers
  • Preparing regular claims summaries and management reports
  • Answering questions to both providers and participants in a timely and friendly manner
  • Providing lists of local and national preferred provider organizations that list dentists and dental practices that offer favorable fee schedules to covered patients and their dependents
  • Retaining a Dental Advisor, who is qualified to resolve complex or problematic claims
  • Communicating with local and regional dental societies on behalf of the plan

For more Information about working with HEG to provide dental coverage to your employees for the first time, or to reduce the current costs of your plan, please, contact us!


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