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Since 1998, we have been assisting county governments throughout New York State in administering the Early Intervention Service Program. This program serves kids from birth through age two who have a high risk or suspected delay of normal development, or where there is a confirmed diagnosis of a disability.

We have taken the New York State-developed Kids Integrated Data System (KIDS), and integrated it with our own, highly efficient claims processing mechanisms. This allows us to mirror systems in all locations that intake data related to Early Intervention, and convey that information, with no interruption, to the appropriate county.

The result of this integration is a system that works to get these kids the support they need, when they need it.

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Early Intervention

Insurance Funds Recovery

Every day, provider billing is entered and audited for accuracy. After that, a payment detail is generated from KIDS. Copies of the payment detail report, along with various signed vouchers from the providers, are sent to the county.

This process enables high-quality, essential care to be provided as needed to local infants with disabilities.

For more information about Early Intervention, please see the Monroe County Information Page, or the New York State Early Intervention Website.

Below is a more detailed account of the claims process for Early Intervention.

KIDS System Administrative Services:
(Note: bold text highlights services provided by HEG)

  • Referral made to County EISP
  • Referral Information Entered into KIDS
  • Service Coordinator Assigned and Demographic Data Collected
  • Evaluation Conducted
  • Evaluation Results Entered into KIDS
  • EISP Eligibility Determined
  • IFSP Determined
  • IFSP Entered Into KIDS
  • Authorization Numbers Assigned/Authorization Letters Generated and Sent to Providers
  • Authorized Services are Provided
  • Provider Bills county
  • Provider Bills are Entered and Processed to County for Payment
  • County Pays Provider
  • Reconciliation of Provider Payments into KIDS
  • Fund Recovers from Third Parties
  • Third Party Recovery Reconciliation into KIDS
  • Fund Recovers from Medicaid
  • Medicaid Reconciliation into KIDS
  • Fund Recovery through State Aid
  • State Aid Reconciliation into KIDS


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