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Our Customer Commitment:

At HEG, we are committed to meeting your needs first - not ours. Our responsive personnel offer customized support that is always focused on you - the customer. HEG is a local company, with a local call center, backed by the systems and actuarial sophistication usually reserved for large insurance companies. We are committed to being the best choice in the area for your business. Here is what that means to us:

1. Benefit plans don't have to be expensive. Most insurers charge an obscene amount of overhead. In addition, they add on extra costs as a "margin of safety" to make up for their lack of specific knowledge about your business and your employees. In this way, you are held accountable for your insurer's mistakes.

Employee Benefit Plans
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  • We have the best-value, most cost-effective estimates. At HEG, we always charge a lower overhead rate than our competitors. Also, we have the specific knowledge necessary to make the most accurate cost estimates in the industry. And, if we ever do make a mistake, we don't hold our valued customers accountable through systematic overcharging. We design plans at a cost you choose to pay.

2. Many insurers (and administrators) hold their knowledge and data secret, asking you to "trust them" to control your benefit plans.

  • We don't keep secrets. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge with you, so that you can be a part of all decision-making. There should be no surprises at the end of the plan year, no rush to change plan design, no unanticipated cost changes.

3. It is the responsibility of the insurer to keep its customers up to date on their plan management.

  • We do this - and do it better than anyone else. Because we understand that your best interest is served through open communication and consistently effective process management, we provide the most extensive and frequent management reports in the industry. We are always available to answer questions, and further analyze the processes that are affecting you and your employees.

4. The best relationships are built on trust.

  • We will earn your trust, and then work hard to keep it. By sharing our data and other knowledge with you, you have the opportunity to judge our services for yourself. With the information we provide, our processes become open books, including how we handle your plan design and administration. We feel comfortable doing this when many other companies do not - because we have nothing to hide. We are confident in our accuracy, service record and accountability.

5. Often, in the planning of benefit programs, the real effects of the plans are lost in numbers and data.

  • The bottom line is: Benefit plans benefit people. We understand that you may be building benefit plans for a variety of reasons. However, all of those reasons center on a need to serve your employees in an effective way - not just a cost-effective way. We always plan for cost-effectiveness. But our focus is on the fact that our plans affect the lives of real people, and our decisions are made accordingly.


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