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  What We Do - Medicare Part D

The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage plan places a brand new set of compliance guidelines on employers. As soon as Medicare Part D was announced, we realized that these new requirements could have a huge impact on our clients and potential clients.

To address this impact, we created a system to help employers understand and address these new requirements. This system includes:

  • Leading employers through the new, required reporting process
  • Educating employees about their responsibilities related to the new coverage plan, and about the benefits for which they are eligible
  • Helping employers to get the maximum subsidies available

Employee Benefit Plans
  • Dental Plans

  • Flex Plans
  • Supplemental Plans
       • HRA
       • COBRA
       • Billing/Remittance
       • Prescription Drug
       • Davis-Bacon Plans

Early Intervention

Insurance Funds Recovery

HEG is one of the leading researchers on the use and impacts of Medicare Part D. We have presented at national conferences on the future use of Part D coverage in relation to prescription drug benefit levels, and have published material about the potential impacts of this program when businesses really understand its uses and limitations.

The bottom line is: we have a commitment to making sure you, as an employer or as an employee, understand how this coverage will affect you. And, once you understand how this affects you, we have the experience to help your company design a benefit plan so that employers and employees will get the maximum benefits. For more information, please contact us.


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