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We realize that you have many choices for benefit plan administrators. Whether you choose our company, or another company, to handle your primary plan, we offer the following services to complement your choice.

Employee Benefit Plans
  • Dental Plans

  • Flex Plans
  • Supplemental Plans
       • HRA
       • COBRA
       • Billing/Remittance
       • Prescription Drug
       • Davis-Bacon Plans

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Flex Plans
Our flex plans are all individually tailored to provide benefits not covered by your primary plan. For more information about these plans, please visit our Flex Plan page.

As HRA is a great way for employers to save thousands of dollars in premium costs, while assuming only moderate financial risk when paying for tax deductible medical expenses. We can help you set up an HRA in conjunction with an already-existing high deductible health plan, or as a stand-alone benefit. The plan designs for HRAs can be individually tailored to your business needs. Please, contact us to learn more.

Although this law is complicated, we make it look easy. If your business provides COBRA coverage, we will administer your plan so that it is minimally taxing to you, and as user-friendly as possible for the former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses, and dependent children, who have, under this law, the right to temporary continuation of health coverage at group rates. Please, contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your COBRA administration.

Billing/Remittance Services
The process of paying for insurance claims can be time-consuming and complicated. To make this process easier on you and your broker or administrator, we offer services designed to make sure claims are paid correctly and efficiently. We have a highly-trained staff, and all the necessary technology to collect and distribute money to brokers and administrators in order to pay your claims. For more information, please contact us.

Prescription Drug Plans
For your medical and drug plans, someone has to make sure that everything is. We can offer you the technology, manpower, and PBM connections to make this process simple, efficient, and pleasant. We will make sure your plan is paid on time, make sure plan enrollment is continuously updated, and interface with the PBMs. For more information about our prescription drug plan services, please
contact us.

Davis-Bacon Plans
If you represent a federal or state construction project covered by the Davis-Bacon Act, we can help you comply by producing a payroll tax savings for employees, and providing a convenient way to increase retirement contributions. To learn more about our Davis-Bacon services, please contact us.



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