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We are here to benefit you. You represent our fellow community members, business owners, and hard-working business employees. Because we want you to become our client, and remain our client, we always keep you in mind when we design our service programs.


That's why, when you call HEG…

…You will find the best value for your dollar on benefit plans and other services. If we weren't offering the most accurate, best-value estimates, we would expect you to go somewhere else. So, using our good business sense, we have the lowest cost estimates around.

…We will do what it takes to earn your business, and then keep your business. We offer flexible services, and have a commitment to the kind of customer service that makes you want to recommend us to other people. As we do very little advertising, this is how we get most of our clients.

…We will give you options, options and more options, until you feel that you have made service plan decisions that meet your needs in the best possible way.

…We provide the knowledge and data you need to feel informed about your plan, and empowered to make decisions regarding your services.

…You will hear a friendly, live voice on the phone. Our call center staff members, all based in Rochester, New York, are readily available for you. In addition, our business culture fosters commitment to understanding your needs and concerns at every employee level.

…You are supporting a socially responsible company. We have a staff committed to playing a part in our local community. We volunteer on local boards, and run programming, like Early Intervention, and Prescription Drug Discount Cards, to benefit fellow community members who need a little extra help.


HEG Dental Network Card Program
WEX Health Card


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